This is a reminder that you will have a quiz on Tuesday March 11th @11am in the auditorium. The quiz will cover microphones and recording techniques that we’ve covered in class this term.

Vocal assignment due next class

Your first project is due next class on February 4th and 6th.

Please comp, merge, glue, tune, and mix 8 bars of the lead vocal track from our RIP recording session which is found on the desktop of the computers in the lab under “MM-RIP”.

You can mute the guitars for this project. I am only concerned with the vocal track.

Your project will be marked in class.

Project #3 due this week

Just a reminder that Project #3 will be due at the beginning of class this week.

Project 3 – Week 10 – November 5 – 7 

  • Create a minimum of 8 bars of music in Logic using Midi
  • You must have a minimum of 2 tracks (one drum loop using “drummer”, and one midi track)
  • Your midi track has to be quantized
  • Each track should be labelled (drums, bass, keys, etc.)
  • The tempo for your project has to be something other than 120bpm